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Cost of Living Spain Style

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Cost of Living Spain Style

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Wagoners Abroad

How to Budget & Estimate the Cost of Living in Spain

Congrats!  You've started to estimate the cost of living in Spain!  Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular topics for us and we have so much information to offer you.  We cover how to budget and estimate the cost to live in Spain. 

There are over 100 pages of tools, tips, assignments, words of wisdom, and budgeting advice.  These will help you understand your current spending habits, see where you can save money, and assist you in estimating your budget in Spain.

  • Part 1 – Budgeting
  • Part 2 – Current Lifestyle & Spending
  • Part 3 – Money-Saving Tips
  • Part 4 – Estimating the Cost of Living In Spain
  • Part 5 – Impact of the Exchange Rate
  • Part 6 – Enjoy Your Life

It is very important to make sure you understand your current lifestyle and know how you envision your lifestyle in Spain.  These are key ingredients to factor into your cost of living in Spain.

You will learn why it is important to know your budget and how to create a budget for your lifestyle.  Next, the eBook guides you through a deep dive into your current lifestyle, so you can understand your current spending habits and behaviors.  If you feel there are areas that need improvements, then Part 3 of the eBook is just what you need!

We provide 14 solid money-saving tips to either start saving money now or when you are in Spain.  With all of the tools and information provided, you will be ready to estimate the cost of living in Spain.  This will include many tools and resources for you to gather data and understand the cost of things in Spain.

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