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If you're planning on moving to Spain with a child, this is an essential guide to prepare you for the Spanish education system. This book covers all aspects of the Spanish education system from Pre-K to High School. It is jam-packed with useful information about how kids are educated in Spain.

"Is the Spanish Education System really that different?"

That depends on your child's current form of education, but there are some things that surprised our family when we first relocated to Spain. There are differences that may influence your selection of a particular neighborhood you want to call home. Or even the type of school you want your child to attend. We share some of the big (and not so big) differences from our experiences educating our kids in the U.S.

"How will this book help me and my child?"

It provides immense insight into the process of getting you and your child prepared for getting educated in Spain. Illuminating those "known unknowns" as well as the "unknown unknowns" before you move to Spain. We answer questions you didn't know you needed to ask. It's the book I wish we would have had when we first moved to Spain.

"What sort of information does this book cover?"

Here is a little taste of what you will find within the covers of "Education In Spain":

  • The different types of schools available in Spain
  • How to find the perfect primary or secondary school for your child
  • How to register your child for school in Spain (this chapter alone is worth the price of the book!)
  • You get to learn the lingo: the Spanish names and translations for all aspects of education (grade names, school types, etc.)
  • Guidance on finding the right information online and other resources to help with the process

And there's so much more! In the book I've included a link to a document that contains numerous questions that you may want to ask of a potential school. While not every conceivable question is there, the document will help put you in the proper frame of mind to figure out the questions that are most important to you.

"Who are you, and why should I trust your advice?"

An excellent question. I'm Alan of Wagoners Abroad. My wife and I moved to Spain almost 5 years ago with our two children. At that time they were 7 and 10, and we put them in the Spanish Education System. We not only have a lot of expertise in the process types of things, but also the emotional aspects which affected our kids. In short, we're living it. Heidi and I have helped hundreds of families with education-related questions, not to mention obtaining visas, and settling in Spain. A great deal of time was spent researching this book, and it will greatly help set your expectations; and those of your child.

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  • Size1.58 MB
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Education In Spain (eBook)

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