Driving In Spain - Everything You Need To Know & More

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Driving In Spain - Everything You Need To Know & More

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If you are planning a trip to Spain and intend on driving, this is an essential ebook for you. We offer you a complete guide to driving in Spain. While it isn’t intended to be a full driving manual, it is packed full of important information to help you drive safely, as well as avoid accidents and fines.

Is Driving In Spain Difficult?

No, but we understand how overwhelming it can be to drive for the first time in a different country. There are so many unfamiliar signs, terms and road markings. There's also the fear of doing something wrong and being stopped by the police, causing an accident, or getting a fine. Sometimes just the worry while driving will cause you to make the mistakes, as it can all be so stressful. These are all real fears and with just a little homework before arriving in Spain, you can help alleviate some of those fears and the stress.

Will This Book Help Me Be A Better Driver?

Yes! The information provided in this book provides you with essential information for driving in Spain. For example, this book explains:

  • Exactly how you should navigate roundabouts
  • What the common road signs are, and what they mean
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of the road
  • Whether you need an International Driver’s Permit or not
  • The process of obtaining a Spanish driver’s license
  • What do in case of an emergency. This important information will help you keep you safe.

That Sounds Like Useful Information. Is There Anything Else?

Absolutely! Not only is there important rules and safety information, but the book contains useful information that will save you money! (I thought that might get your attention!)

  • Would you like to know how to get excellent short-term or long-term rental car deals and tips?
  • Would you like to understand all of the painted lines on the street and all about parking and parking fines?
  • Would you like to know about the speed traps and how to pay a ticket?

Any one of those individually is easily worth the cost of the ebook. We know this ebook will be useful to anyone wanting to drive in Spain for the short-term, or if you are planning to live in Spain long-term. There are some references for the American driver or a non-EU citizen, but the majority of the content is useful to anyone driving in Spain.

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